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Our Fully Managed Letting Services covers the initial tenant-find, tenant sign up and full property management.  We charge a one time fixed fee for you to enjoy fully managed services.

SERVICES INCLUDED                                                                                                                


Your property is advertised on our website until let, giving your property maximum 

exposure across the entire web. We receive tenant enquires (pre - screening

enquirers where possible to ensure they meet the criteria) and forward their

details to you. we'll arrange photographers to take photographs of your property

and add them to our listing.


Inventory Service:

In order to recover the cost of damage caused by your tenants it is important

to be able to demonstrate the condition of your property at the commencement

of the tenancy. We will provide a thorough record with documentry evidence

and photographs. This document forms part of your contract and provides a standard

to which the property should be kept.

The Inventory should be signed by both tenant and landlord and be sufficiently

thorough that it can be used to settle any dispute about the condition of your

property that may arise at a later date.


Tenant Background Check

You meet the prospective tenant(s), show them around, and if you are happy to

proceed. simply ask them to contact us. We will take care of the referencing,

ensuring that they are a reliable tenant for your property, and forward the completed

reference report to you.


Maintainence and Tenant problems

Handling all tenant maintaenance issues, from leaking taps to floods, 24/7,

365 days a year. Serving the appropriate notice to the tenants(s) when you want you

terminate the tenancy.

Things will occasionally go wrong with your property. When your tenants have

issues with the property, they can ring us on a dedicated number, at any time. If

someone breaks into the property, we’ll have an emergency work force out in

no time, at any time of day or night.



This inspection is carried out at regular agreed intervals during the tenancy to ensure

all conditions of the tenancy are being adhered to and that the property is being well

cared for, within the bounds of fair wear and tear.Adequate notice will be given to the

tenants, and we will ask them to be present at the time of inspection.


Tenancy agreement:

A Tenancy agreement prepared to your specification. We’ll work in consultation with

you to create the right agreement for your needs.


Arranging rent standing order:

We'll work with your tenants to get this organised for the rent to be deposited into

your account.


Chase arrears:

If the tenant does not pay rent on time, we’ll be step in immediately and we’ll chase it for you

and enquire what's wrong. If the tenant stops paying rent, we’ll advise you on the

best possible course of action. We will direct to our property management department to

help you with any issues throughout the tenancy. 


A property valuation report:

We’ll help with a rent valuation report from the local market trends and statistics,

which will help you to set a asking price.


Professional photographs:

We’ll arrange a professional photographer to visit your property to take quality

photos to help the tenants to have a better view of the property. we will also use

them to advertise across various websites..